HW Bouncy Castle Power Blower REH-2800

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This blower is very suitable for the biggest attractions.

This robust lightweight blower is unique in its kind, all the benefits a blower can have are reflected in this blower. The blower is lightweight, has a high efficiency, is stackable, unbreakable, splash-proof and fire-resistant

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Available Per Direct
Certificering CE, GS
IP Rating IP24B
Afmeting 509,5 x 412,5 x 506 mm
Afmeting Mond 162,4 x 162,4 mm
Voltage 220-240V 50Hz
Wattage Blower 2800W
Vermogen 3,8 PK
Geluidsterkte 72 dB
Luchtdruk 1800 Pa
Airflow 1877 m3/h
Gewicht 21,5 kg
Snoerlengte 5m
Stekker EU (Type E/F)
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